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Website Hosting & Development

Penta Kingdom is a company that provides clients with their own Website using WordPress in 3 steps. Search for an available domain, select a plan and you will receive the website up and running within 24 hours. We also offer the development of your Website in WordPress for an affordable price.

Find an available domain

Check if your the name of your website is available online. We recommend using

Select a service pack

Choose the Service pack that fits your situation the best on Penta Kingdom.

Receive your Website within 24 hours

After purchase we will contact you and setup your website together.

Service Packs

At Penta Kingdom we offer multiple packs for you to get your own WordPress Website. Learn more about these packs and purchase them here.


Penta Kingdom offers the development of your WordPress Website at an affordable price. Send an email to to learn more.


Coming Soon


Contact us at or through the form on the contact page.